We are an Australian company with over 11 years of experience in creating innovative Digital Integration Solutions, In-Room entertainment, Guest Internet, and IPTV solutions. Our solutions power over 10,000 rooms/TV’s across Australia, Fiji & Samoa. We are experienced and passionate about creating innovative entertainment solutions for our clients and their guests through the use of digital technology.

Our clients include: Hotels and Motels, Services Apartments, Mining Camps, Hospitals, and Aged Care Facilities.


One of the major advantages of working with HoneyBadger Technologies is knowing that our R&D team is based in Australia. We are proud of the fact that our engineers and our technical teams are all locally based and allows flexibility and be more proactive yet very reactive to the customers’ need. Our technical team is constantly developing and refining our system to ensure what we are delivering is the best and is what the customer wants. Our approach to our customers is to encourage them to tell us their needs and wants, rather than the vendors dictating to their customers. We tailor our system to the needs of the client and ensure that the end product is matched to your brand.


We are a multicultural organization and employ local and indigenous people throughout the South Pacific and Australia as the projects require. Our company aim is to empower local trades people where possible to assist with our maintenance and support programs.