Networks and Distribution

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The network in a hotel is now the foundation for all essential Wi-Fi services that guests and staff assume to be standard. Not having a good network in a hotel is akin to not having running hot water.

Converged Networks

 More and more technologies need to be supported by networks that are well designed and managed to ensure cohesive experience for guests. Whether as a foundation for IPTV, VoIP or smart services, HoneyBadger’s team of engineers build these bespoke networks to meet the needs of clients and their technology partners. Working together with all parties to create a seamless guest experience.


 As guests devices continue to depend on wireless networks, coverage and signal strength is crucial to the smooth operation of any hotel. To ensure HoneyBadger’s wireless designs meet the specifications of their clients, their engineers design through a mix of active and predictive wireless surveys. In addition, HoneyBadger can also work with you to supply a range of different pricing options for all the required network hardware through its strong relationships with industry leading vendors.


Ways to connect

Conference Management

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Managing a Conference is now simple and easy to do, allowing events to be created last minute or months in advance, providing guests with a private network experience for their event.

Hotspot 2.0

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Otherwise known as Next Generation Hotspot, Hotspot 2.0 allows guest to download a one-time profile to their device and never have to authenticate again. This provides a seamless experience for all your loyal returning guests.

      Custom Captive Portal

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      Take control and completely redesign to the look and feel of the Captive Portal (Wi-Fi Login Page) and extend the hotel branding and theme to the user device. 

      Loyalty Program Integration

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      Allow users to authenticate on the Wi-Fi with their loyalty program details by enabling the integration from the Airangel gateway.

      Network Security & Compliance

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      With a full range of Network Access Control services available, it is now easier and more secure to connect and manage all IT devices in your hotel. This can include BOH equipment, Signage screen, IoT devices and more.

      Multi-site roaming

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      Your loyalty program remembers you guest when they travel between different properties so why shouldn’t you Wi-Fi network? With multi-site roaming you can now automatically onboard a guest that has previously visited any one of your hotels.